Инструкция для lowrance hds 7 gen2 touch

Если выставить это значение меньше, то крайние цвета исчезнут. Еще ряд преимуществ серии Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch — наличие функции Insight Genesis, инструкция для lowrance hds 7 gen2 touch, благодаря которой у пользователя появилась возможность создавать карту глубин; наличие Wi-Fi, что позволяет передавать изображения с экрана эхолота-картплоттера на смартфон или компьютер; и наличие функции StructureMap, которая позволяет в режиме реального времени накладывать данные полученные LSS модулем на навигационную карту в том числе и в 3D формате. АКБ меньшей емкости страдала бы от перезаряда. Следуя современным тенденциям компания Lowrance реализовала в новом устройстве HDS-9 Gen2 Touch очень важное инженерное решение — широкоформатный сенсорный экран SolarMax Plus с диагональю экрана дисплея 9 дюймов и высоким разрешением x точек. Я сделал в настройках Reefmaster свою палитру, которая отображается полностью. Прокрутка истории TrackBack с новой функцией просмотра Preview Pane Прокручивайте историю эхолота и отмечайте точки на треке без остановки записи в режиме реального времени.

It is your sole responsibility to install and use the instrument and transducer s in a manner that will not cause accidents, personal injury or property damage.

Инструкция для lowrance hds 7 gen2 touch

Always observe safe boating practices. The accuracy of the sonar depth display can be affected by many factors, including the type and location of the transducer and water conditions.


Never use this instrument to gauge depth or other conditions for swimming or diving. The choice, location, and installation of transducers and other components of the system are critical to the performance of the system инструкция для lowrance hds 7 gen2 touch intended. If in doubt, consult your local dealer.

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To reduce the risk of misusing or misinterpreting this unit, you must read and understand all aspects of this Installation and Operation Manual, инструкция для lowrance hds 7 gen2 touch. We also recommend that you practice all operations using the built-in simulator before using this unit on the water.

Инструкция для lowrance hds 7 gen2 touch

The GPS is subject to changes which could affect the accuracy and performance of all GPS equipment anywhere in the world, including this instrument. The electronic chart used by this instrument is an aid to navigation designed to supplement, not replace, official government charts.

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Only official government charts supplemented by notices to mariners contain the information required for safe and prudent navigation. Always supplement the electronic information provided by this instrument with other plotting sources such as observations, depth soundings, radar and hand compass bearings.

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Should the information not инструкция для lowrance hds 7 gen2 touch, the discrepancy must be resolved before proceeding any further. Navico may find it necessary to change or end our policies, regulations and special offers at any time.


We reserve the right to do so without notice. All features and specifications subject to change without notice. Language options will be restricted to English US only and Units will be restricted to non-metric measures.


Units sold with WorldWide Basemap will function without these restrictions. Preface As Navico is continuously improving this product, we retain the right to make changes to the product at any time which may not be reflected in this version of the manual.

Функциональные особенности HDS 7 Gen2 Touch:

Please contact your Lowrance dealer if you require any further assistance. The user of this product is solely responsible for observing safe boating practices.

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This statement, any instruction инструкция для lowrance инструкция для lowrance hds 7 gen2 touch 7 gen2 touch, user guides and other information relating to the product Documentation may be translated to, or has been translated from, another language Translation. In the event of any conflict between any Translation of the Documentation, the English language version of the Documentation will be the official version of the Documentation.

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This manual represents the product as at the time of printing. Navico Holding AS and its subsidiaries, branches and affiliates reserve the right to make changes to specifications without notice.

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Warranty The warranty card is supplied as a separate document. In case of any queries, refer to the brand web site of your display or system: It assumes that all equipment is installed and configured, and that the system is ready to use. The manual does not cover basic background information about how equipment such as radars, sonars and AIS work.

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Such information is available from our web site: Important text that requires special attention from the reader is emphasized as follows: Please check web site for details on release version.

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